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Danluke Dolly Parton at Lorbri


Crufts Qualified 2018

Dolly 11 months old taken at LKA Dec 2016 by Anna Szabo

Dolly at 6 months

Dolly winning 1st Yearling Bitch at The Whippet Club of Scotland Championship Show
August 2017 - Judge Mrs A Snelgrove (Huntinghill)

Hound Association Championship Show Stafford, August 2017
2nd Yearling Bitch - Judge Joachim Bartusch

Border Union Championship Show June 2017
VHC Yearling Bitch - Judge Mr Albert Ritchie (Gwendariff)

Best Puppy in Show

Hound Association of Scotland Limited Show
July 2016 Judge - Mrs Sheila L McDonald (Birkhall)
who also awarded Dolly 1st AV Hound Minor Puppy Bitch

on the same day Dolly also won
1st Junior Whippet and Best of Breed
Judge Miss D Ritchie-Smith

This was her first show and just days over 6 months old

Thank you to both Judges and special thanks to her breeder,
Mrs Helen Johnston of Danluke Whippets

Dolly's critique from the Best in Show Judge Mrs Sheila L McDonald

Smith's Danluke Dolly Parton at Lorbri, 6 mths baby red and white
Whippet who took this show by storm.  Won this strong class with her typical
head and alert eye, strong neck flowing into good shoulders, strong loin and rear
quarters, correct tail set.  Couldn't take my eyes from her ground covering
sound movement.  BEST PUPPY IN SHOW.  Heard later that she was made BOB Whippet
over a large quality entry by her knowledgeable young specialist judge.  She is on
route to a bright future.

Show Results

Crufts Qualified 2017

LKA Championship Show - December 2016
1st Junior Bitch - Judge Mrs Judy Manley (Siouxline)

Darlington Championship Show - September 2016
Reserve MPB - Judge Mrs V McCormack

Danluke Whippets


Pedigree of Danluke Dolly Parton at Lorbri




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Dolly 7 weeks

Dolly 6 weeks

Dolly 4 weeks

Dolly 2 weeks