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Brian is now a Championship Show Judge and his first
 Championship judging appointment where he awarded CCs
 for the first time was The Scottish Kennel Club in August 2012.

Brian gives CCs in West Highland White Terriers, we showed and bred
Westies for 20 years until 2011.

Brian had the pleasure of judging the Westies at
National Terrier Championship show on 1st April 2017
His BOB was Lizandycris Line Me Up who he awarded his 2nd CC.
His Bitch CC went to Highcross Precious Charm to Lingbeck.
 Brian awarded her, her first CC.

Lizandycris Line Me Up
DCC and BOB National Terrier 2017

Brian judged the Westies at Leeds Championship Show
 in July 2014.  H
is Best of Breed was Champion Comdale Miss January at Hillsted.
He awarded the DCC (his first) to Tomlyndon Eager Ernest, who has subsequently
 become a Champion

Champion Comdale Miss January at Hillsted & Champion Tomlyndon Eager Ernest

The photo below is the Westie Brian awarded the CC and BOB to at his first
judging appointment at SKC in August of 2012.
 He gave the male Westie his 2nd CC and the female Westie her
 1st CC.  Both subsequently went on to become Champions.

Champion Burneze Plan Bea